Discover Chicago.

Chicago, a place where anything is possible!

Explore the History

Located in the center of the United States on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago has established itself as a vibrant, world-class city with a dynamic history. According to explorers’ accounts from the 1600’s, the Illini were the first people to claim a land they named “Chicaugou”, meaning ‘wild onion’ which grew abundantly in the area. Since then Chicago has developed into one of America’s largest and most connected cities.  A vital trading and transportation center credited with being fundamental to the origins of modern architecture.  Known as the “city that works,” Chicago remains a hub of activity.

Explore the Architecture

The architecture of Chicago makes the city a very special visual phenomenon. Dubbed the birthplace of modern architecture, Chicago is home to some of the most famous architects of  the 20th century including Frank Lloyd Wright, Daniel Burnham, and John Root. Chicago’s architecture kick started with the Chicago Fire of 1871 that nearly destroyed the city. From the ashes a new city rose with buildings never before seen in a Roman art deco style and a new construction technique called the iron skeleton that allowed for the first sky scrapers to be built. From there Chicago expanded to be the picturesque scene that it is today.

Explore the Culture

Whether it is music, arts, sports, or museums, Chicago has it all. The city is home to a variety of improvisational comedy groups and theaters as well as world-renown jazz clubs.  Award-winning art exhibits are housed in museums across town (including the Art Institute), while others are out in the open like the Picasso sculpture in the Daley Plaza. Walk down by the lakeside for a beach visit, and savor the view from above at the Willis Tower Skydeck. You can also cheer for one of Chicago’s professional sports teams. A visit to Chicago isn’t complete without enjoying the local cuisine of Chicago style hot dogs, Chicago style Italian beef, and deep dish pizza. We know you will love our city and embrace all it has to offer!