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Hostelling International Chicago is a great place to gain valuable experience for your career. The hostel utilizes interns throughout the year. All internships are unpaid. Many interns are able to earn college course credits while working at the hostel. A few summer interns are provided accommodations at the hostel for ten weeks from June through August.

The benefits of interning at HI-Chicago include:

  • professional experience to further your career
  • substantial responsibilities and direct collaboration with management
  • experience with a large, nationwide nonprofit company and international association
  • working in downtown Chicago, one of the USA’s largest commercial centers

This page provides an outline of responsibilities and qualifications for internships at HI-Chicago. If you are interested in an internship, please follow the application procedures on the Intern Application Requirements page. For personal experiences from recent interns, check out the Intern Testimonials page.

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*Below are positions open for Summer 2012.  We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis.  Please check back in June for Fall 2012 positions.


Responsibilities: Reports to General Manager

HI-Chicago seeks an intern to conduct a thorough review and analysis of the field of sustainability indicators, management tools, and best practices, either existing or in development. This research and analysis will be used to help design a new sustainability program for implementation at HI-Chicago.  We are particularly interested in individuals who can design a program that can be implemented for no cost or low cost, involving organizing people and developing programs rather than introducing new technologies where possible. 

  • Research, organize, and analyze data on a variety of aspects of HI-Chicago’s green activities

  • Identify areas for environmentally sustainable change
  • For example, a candidate may be asked to research the hostel’s recycling program: (a) observe and communicate with guests and staff alike about their  usage of hostel recycling facilities and (b) research municipal garbage collection and follow up with how they handle the hostel’s recycling
  • Your final project will be to design a comprehensive and viable sustainability program for implementation in the hostel, including budget, materials, and means to achieve the objectives outlined in Hostelling International’s Sustainability Charter: (1) Social: Ensuring that our activities complement and advance the society in which we operate by exerting sensitivity to social, cultural, and heritage issues.  (2) Ecological: Minimizing our impact on climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of all aspects of our operations. (3) Economical: Ensuring that our network, and individual hostels and Member Associations are economically viable into the future.

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Sharday El-Assar

Hostelling International Chicago


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