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Information Center

The Information Center provides up-to-date information on what to see and do in Chicago. At the Information Center, visitors benefits from displays that orient students and travelers to Chicago ‘s numerous attractions. Friendly local volunteers assist them in seeing and understanding the very best of the city.

  • Welcome Desk, staffed by local volunteers, offers personalized information and access to discounted tickets provided by local theaters, art institutions and other Chicago cultural venues.

  • Informational Displays include maps of the city, local colleges, neighborhoods of interest and transportation systems, as well as up-to-date listings and schedules. Informational display highlight programs at local cultural institutions, provide details on free or inexpensive activities, and include listings of specialized services, i.e., emergency medical clinics, social services organizations and travel related assistance.

  • Bulletin Board Exchanges provides a space where students can look for rides; find fellow students or search for tutoring services.

  • The Student Center at HI -Chicago web site provides students and hostel guests with updates on local happenings so they can plan their trips before journeying downtown.

  • In The Loop-A Guide to Downtown Chicago provides students and hostel guests detailed information on getting around the city with a focus on finding cultural offerings at off-beaten paths.

  • Monthly calendars and weekly flyers promote programs sponsored by Hostelling International – Chicago and partner organizations.



The J. Ira & Nicki Harris Family Hostel
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Congress Parkway

Chicago, Illinois 60605

Fax: 1-312-360-0313